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Residential Revaluation

Current Project(s): Residential Revaluation: The Revaluation Process | Data Collectors | FAQ

Completed Project(s): Commercial/Industrial Revaluation

The Town of Scarborough will be conducting a town-wide revaluation of all residential properties, with new values becoming effective FY 2019-2020. The Town of Scarborough last completed a town-wide revaluation in 2005. It is important to have a revaluation to ensure that town assessments reflect current market values. We have hired KRT Appraisal to complete this project. The revaluation process has five major phases: Data Collection, Market Analysis, Valuation, Field Review, and Informal Hearings. More about the revaluation process can be found here.

The Data Collection phase starts October 2018. Representatives from KRT Appraisal will be visiting and inspecting properties. The Data Collectors are registered with the Police Department and will have photo identification with them during inspections. Their information can be found here. To see which neighborhoods are currently being inspected, use the Revaluation Map below.

Revaluation Map

If you have any questions, please contact the Assessing Department at (207) 730-4060 or visit our office on the lower level of the Town Hall, Room 25.