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Why is the Town conducting a revaluation?

The Town of Scarborough last completed a town-wide revaluation in 2005. It is important to have a revaluation to ensure that town assessments reflect current market values.

When will Data Collectors be in my neighborhood?

Starting October 2018, Data Collectors from KRT Appraisal will be in the field inspecting properties. The Assessing Department will do its best to send out notices in advance, but you can also use this map to see where inspections are happening. Information about the Data Collectors can be found here.

Do I have to allow access to my property?

Property owners can deny access to a property; however, it is in the best interest of all property owners to permit access for the inspection to ensure all information is accurate. If you challenge your new valuation, you will need to allow access to the property.

What if I am not here when the Data Collector arrives?

If you are not available for the initial inspection, the contractor will contact you next Spring to schedule an appointment.

When will I get my new valuation?

Once all properties have been inspected, new valuations will be determined. You should be notified Summer 2019.

When will the new valuation be effective?

New values will become effective next tax year, FY 2019-2020.

How can I share my thoughts about this process?

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Assessing Department at (207) 730-4060. We are located on the lower level of the Town Hall, Room 25. We are open 8-4, Monday through Friday.

The Assessor, the Town Manager, and the Assistant Town Manager are all available to hear your concerns, and public comments are always welcome at Town Council meetings.