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NEW! Video Game Madness

posted Apr 1, 2020, 1:13 PM by Nicole Hall

Schools are closed. The NBA season has been suspended. March Madness is cancelled. What are you going to do with your time? Scarborough Community Services will now be offering its new online gaming tournaments to keep you busy! All you need is a game console, game, and the Internet. The games that will be played are listed below, as well as the deadline to register for each. Brackets will be created and emailed out to everyone as well as posted on the Community Services web page. These tournaments are for middle school and high school aged kids only. For each game on each console there will be a middle school bracket and a high school bracket. Best of all, these are all free tournaments!!! 

Tournament Games and Registration Deadlines

  1. NHL 20 -- Register by 4/6

  2. NBA 2K -- Register by 4/13

  3. FIFA 20 -- Register by 4/20

  4. Madden 20 -- Register by 4/27

Please note that all deadlines listed above are before 9:00 am on that date.

About the Gaming Tournaments

  • Double elimination tournaments.

  • Everyone will be guaranteed TWO games.

  • Before we move onto a new round of games, the first round must be completed.

You have 36 hours to complete the scheduled game (Commissioner can eliminate both players if they do not complete the game).

  • You must take a picture of the final score and/or report to the Commissioner after the game has concluded. (1 hour max)

  • Absolutely no CHEATING! 

  • No custom teams.

  • All teams must be current (You may pick any current team even if opponent is same team but no old or elite teams). 

  • Any quit games will result in forfeit. 

  • Absolutely NO SMACK TALKING or inappropriate language that would not be tolerated in school or you will be banned by the Commissioner.

  • All players must be from Scarborough and in Middle School or High School

  • The commissioner ultimately has the last say.

  • This was developed for fun, so make sure you have a little!

How to Sign Up

An email must be sent to with key pieces of information. Emails without answers will not be accepted. If you do not email by the deadline then you will not be allowed to participate in that tournament. In the subject line of the email you need to list which tournament you are signing up for (e.g., MADDEN 20). You can not sign up for all tournaments with one email -- you will need to send separate emails for each tournament. 

If you have more than one person in your household, please indicate when signing up. This would be a brother or sister and does not allow one person to play as two different people.  Remember all participants must be in Middle School or High School. All communication will go through email so it is very important that you have access to that throughout the tournaments. 

In the body of the email please include the following information:

  1. Name

  2. Grade

  3. Email

  4. Phone Number

  5. Type of System

  6. Gamer Tag/PSN//Username

Child Care Waitlist Registration Opens March 30

posted Mar 27, 2020, 7:22 AM by Nicole Hall

The waitlists for Child Care 2020-21 school year will still be available for registration beginning at 8:00 am on Monday, March 30. Please see below for
registration details:

If your child is currently not enrolled in the child care 2019-20 program, or is new to Scarborough Schools, please take the following steps:
  • We will begin an online waitlist on March 30 for all unenrolled families. Prior to March 30, please make sure you have a registration account in our system. Call us at 207-730-4150 so we can set up an account for you, update an existing account, or give you your login information. Since registration will be school specific, we will want to make sure all of your child/ren’s information is in the system correctly.
  •  On March 30, beginning at 8:00 am, the online waitlist enrollment will open. This waitlist enrollment will essentially assign you a spot in line at your child’s school site so that we may contact you should space become available. Alternatively, you may call our office on or after 8:00 am on March 30 to have us add your name(s) to the waitlist.

How to Register for Online Waitlist

  • Visit Webtrac
  • Login in with your user name and password
  • All waitlists will appear below and will be specific to the school site your child will be attending.
  • Select your chosen school site by clicking the + button on the left hand side. PLEASE NOTE: You will need to enable pop-ups to continue registration.
  • Click Proceed to Checkout.
  • We will begin calling waitlist enrollees one by one on April 6, moving down the list in numerical order. If we contact you and you are interested in the days we have to offer, we will hold the days for you so that you may come in and officially register. Deadlines for official registration will be given during that phone call and if registration is not completed within that time, we will release those spots to the next person on the waitlist.

Activity Packet

posted Mar 24, 2020, 10:41 AM by Jill Deering   [ updated Mar 24, 2020, 10:46 AM ]

Although we often wish we had all the answers, the truth is… there is no right way to feel right now. Some may feel ambitious to start something they’ve been putting off, while others feel emotionally drained from worrying about the unknown future. Your feelings are valid no matter what.

In an effort to keep your mind busy, Community Services has put together a Scarborough-themed activity packet for all ages to engage in. Share this PDF to have friends and family join in on the fun!

As you fill in your crossword puzzle or turn some scribbles into art, just remember… You are not alone, you are doing the best you can, and we will get through this.

Summer Registration On Hold

posted Mar 16, 2020, 9:34 AM by Nicole Hall

Due to the current circumstances, we will be holding off on summer day camp and summer specialty camp registration until a definite school calendar has been
established. Please keep an eye out on our website and Facebook for updated information on a future registration date.

COVID-19 and Community Services Programs

posted Mar 13, 2020, 1:09 PM by Nicole Hall

We understand the concern around the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are developing preventive measures to better protect our community and employees. The Town Council, Town Manager, all Department Heads, as well as the Scarborough School Department are working daily to adjust Scarborough’s continued response to COVID-19. 

The following measures are in effect immediately as it relates to our programming:
  • Before and after-care programs will continue unless schools close.

  • All senior programming has been cancelled until further notice.

  • All other Community Services youth programming, including indoor soccer, lacrosse, softball pitching clinic, spring basketball training, youth wrestling, and ultimate frisbee have been cancelled. If the program has already started, you can expect a prorated refund for the missed time. If the program has not started, you will be issued a full refund.

  • All Community Services adult programming, including healthline and pickleball, have been suspended until further notice. 

  • The Annual Easter Egg Hunt scheduled for April 3-4 has been cancelled.

As this situation is evolving we will be providing periodic updates to the Town website (, as well as our other information channels. Please continue to be vigilant with your own personal health by following the recommendations and best practices from the CDC. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you may reach out to Scarborough Community Services at 207-730-4150 or

Dragonfly Nymphs

posted Mar 5, 2020, 7:29 AM by Nicole Hall

Looking for a way to combat mosquitoes naturally? Scarborough Community Services is selling dragonfly nymphs as an alternative option to spraying. Nymphs eat mosquito larvae before the mosquitoes hatch. As adults, they catch mosquitoes on the fly. They do not sting or bite humans. They should be placed at the water’s edge in shallow free-standing water where mosquitoes breed (areas where peepers can be heard or where cattails grow). Waters should be free of fish habitation as they will eat nymphs. 100 nymphs will cover approximately 1 to 2 acres of standing water. YOU MUST HAVE SOME FORM OF STANDING WATER FOR NYMPHS TO THRIVE.

Nymphs are sold in bundles of 50 for $85 and Community Services can sell up to 2,500 nymphs. Nymphs are picked up at a later date based on weather and when the supplier can collect them but it typically is in late may or early June. Purchasers will be emailed with at least 1-day notice as to the pick-up date.

Please complete the order form and mail in with payment, or stop by Town Hall to complete your order. The deadline is Friday, May 22, but we will most likely sell out before that date. If you are interested please order sooner rather than later.

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