Dragonfly Nymphs

posted Mar 5, 2020, 7:29 AM by Nicole Hall

Looking for a way to combat mosquitoes naturally? Scarborough Community Services is selling dragonfly nymphs as an alternative option to spraying. Nymphs eat mosquito larvae before the mosquitoes hatch. As adults, they catch mosquitoes on the fly. They do not sting or bite humans. They should be placed at the water’s edge in shallow free-standing water where mosquitoes breed (areas where peepers can be heard or where cattails grow). Waters should be free of fish habitation as they will eat nymphs. 100 nymphs will cover approximately 1 to 2 acres of standing water. YOU MUST HAVE SOME FORM OF STANDING WATER FOR NYMPHS TO THRIVE.

Nymphs are sold in bundles of 50 for $85 and Community Services can sell up to 2,500 nymphs. Nymphs are picked up at a later date based on weather and when the supplier can collect them but it typically is in late may or early June. Purchasers will be emailed with at least 1-day notice as to the pick-up date.

Please complete the order form and mail in with payment, or stop by Town Hall to complete your order. The deadline is Friday, May 22, but we will most likely sell out before that date. If you are interested please order sooner rather than later.