Dragonfly Nymphs for Sale

posted Feb 4, 2019, 1:19 PM by Nicole Hall
Each year, Scarborough Community Services offers dragonfly nymphs for sale as a more natural form of mosquito control. We work with Maine IF&W and Connecticut Valley Biological Supply Company to safely and legally obtain nymphs for this purpose. 

This year we have requested 2,500 nymphs and these are to be sold in bundles of 50 for $80 each. In order for nymphs to thrive, they need to be placed along the edge of shallow free-standing water where mosquitoes would breed (i.e., where peepers can be heard or where cattails grow). 100 nymphs will cover approximately 1-2 acres of standing water, so for most households, 50 nymphs is all that is needed.

Please feel free to stop by the Community Services Office to place your order in person, or you may mail in the order form with payment before Friday, May 24. Please note that mail-in orders may not arrive in time for processing or may arrive after we have sold out.

Note Regarding Nymph Pick-Up Date: Because nymphs are collected from nature, the pick-up date is unavailable at this time. We generally receive them in late-May or early June and are given at least a day's notice so that we may contact purchasers about the specific pick-up day and time. We will keep all purchasers apprised of any info we receive from the supplier as to a ship date.