New Brochure Mailing List

posted Mar 18, 2019, 9:14 AM by Nicole Hall

When it comes to the brochures, Scarborough Community Services will continue to post new additions and changes to our programs on our website. This is also
where all of our digital brochures reside. Brochures are usually posted online and then available in print form in our office and at the Scarborough Public Library several weeks later. 

We realize some households like to have a physical copy of the brochure they can use as a reminder to register or to mark up with notes. It is always an option for anyone to stop by and pick up a copy at no cost but we have also started registration for the brochures to be mailed directly to you!

Beginning with the Fall 2019 Brochure (typically available in July), we will offer the opportunity for any household (regardless of residency) to subscribe to the annual brochures. For $10 per year, you will receive the printed brochures in the mail prior to registration periods so that you have an ample amount of time to make plans. If you are interested in this added service, you may register in the Community Services Office at 259 US Route One in Scarborough, or online using the provided link: