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Registration Policies

How to Register

Community Services accepts registrations in person and through our website. We do not accept registrations via the phone or mail. Registration into activities will be allowed only if the account is in good standing. Exceptions will be made for activities in which installment payments are permitted or monthly fees are charged (such as child care). Community Services reserves the right to deny registration into an activity pending payment of an outstanding balance and the right to deny continuation in a program if installment payments are not made or are returned due to insufficient funds after an appropriate period. We will not allow continuation when there is a balance.

Lifetime Waiver Form

Each year we have required parents or guardians to sign a waiver for release, assumption of risk, and emergency medical consent for each Community Services participant. This includes allowing us to photograph or videotape at any Community Services event or program. To minimize paperwork and make registration more efficient, we will request one waiver form per family that will be effective the date completed and signed and will be null and void after five (5) years of inactivity in our programs.

If, during that time you would like to change that agreement, please inform us.

Late Registrations

Many programs are adversely affected every year due to participants waiting until the last minute to register. There is a point when a program must be cancelled or modified if there are insufficient registrations. All programs require a high level of coordination which includes facility scheduling, staffing, volunteer recruitment, and the purchasing of supplies. You will notice that the majority of our programs have registration deadlines. If there is room in a given activity after a deadline has passed, late registrations will be accepted with an additional late fee assessed and children may not be guaranteed a T-shirt, ball, etc.

Registration Dates - Year-Round

Scarborough Community Service has three registration periods throughout the year:

Summer Registration -- First Monday of April
Fall Registration -- First Monday of August
Winter/Spring Registration -- First Monday of November

If the first Monday falls on a holiday, registration will begin the following day.

Payment, Billing, and Fee Policies

Non-Resident Fee

Non-residents may sign up for our programs. A $15 fee will be assessed for most activities. However, some programs may require additional fees. Please see each program for more information.

Payment Policy

All fees for programs must be paid in full upon registration. Payment can be received in the form of cash, checks, or debit cards at the counter in Town Hall. For online registrations only, we accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) or debit cards.

Child Care Payment Policy

  • Monthly payments: Must complete Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form with registration (will be taken from checking or savings account). EFT payments will be withdrawn once a month (on the 5th of each month) or bi-monthly (on the 5th and 19th of each month) September through June, depending on preference. [Receipts may be accessed online using your user name and password.]
  • Full-year payment: May be made by cash, check, credit or debit card. The registration fee of $100 will be due upon registration but the full yearly child care amount will be invoiced separately and due during the first full week of September.
    Note: Should you choose to pay in full, you will receive one month free. We will be unable to issue refunds for any unused service.

Check Writing Policy

  • Please make checks payable to the Town of Scarborough
  • Must show valid photo ID
  • Personal checks must show current address and telephone number
  • No starter checks are allowed

Discount Policies

Early Registration Discount Policy

Community Services works hard to offer the best prices available for our new programs. Because our work becomes labor-intensive the week prior to a program start date, we like to encourage residents to register early by offering discount prices on certain programs. We hope people will appreciate this and take advantage of these prices. However, this discount incentive is a special offer which cannot be waived if those dates have passed. No exceptions.

Sibling Discount Policy

Community Services Fall Soccer, Basketball, Indoor Soccer, and Kickball Programs

Families with three or more children registering for the same Community Services-run recreation program may receive a 10% discount off the third child and any additional children from the same family. This discount will be taken off the lowest program fee. All participants must be registered at the same time to receive this discount. If one sibling cancels from a program, a refund will be given for the discounted amount paid.

Note: Sibling discounts will not be applied for online registrations. To receive this discount, you must register in the Community Services Office.

Refunds, Changes, and Cancellations

No refunds: If an individual does not attend the activity or does not cancel at least 7 calendar days prior to the start of an activity.

$15 processing fee: For any cancellation or change made by applicant.

100% refund: If Community Services cancels the activity.

Refunds are processed through our Finance Department and are mailed to recipients in the form of a check. Please be sure that Community Services has the correct mailing address before refund is processed. Please allow up to two weeks for refund processing.

Refunds - Multiple-Session Programs

For parents with children who are indecisive about a program with multiple sessions, we would advise you to sign up for individual sessions versus all sessions together. When registering for multiple sessions at once, please keep in mind that combined session dates are all inclusive; therefore, should you choose to cancel once the first session begins, no refund will be given for the remaining unused sessions.

Refunds - Health Reasons

If a participant cannot participate due to medical reasons, a refund will be given if a signed doctor's note is presented to the Community Services staff within the first 48 hours of said injury. If injury occurs and is reported with a doctor's note before the activity begins, no processing fee will be assessed.

If applicant attended some classes, the refund will be prorated for the number of days the injured participant attended the program. In this case, a $15 processing fee will be assessed and deducted from the refund.

Refunds - Tickets

Once tickets are purchased through Community Services (i.e., Funtown/Splashtown, Water Country, Aquaboggan, Portland Pirates, etc), there will be no refund or exchange issued.

Refunds - Senior Programs and Trips

100% refund
  • If Community Services cancels the program/trip. 
  • If an individual cancels seven calendar days or more prior to the start of the program/trip, except for trips with a deadline date (MUST be cancelled by individuals BEFORE the noted deadline date). 
  • If a program or trip has a waitlist and we are able to fill the spot. 
No refunds
  • If an individual does not attend the program or trip 
  • If an individual does not cancel at least seven calendar days prior to the start of the program/trip OR cancels after the noted deadline date.

Changes - Child Care

A $15 processing fee will be assessed when a schedule change is made in a child's before-care and/or after-care schedule (by either adding or dropping a day or days).

Request Policies

Youth Team Request Policy

Community Services understands that one of the best aspects of participating in our programs is the ability to play with friends or have the same coach year after year. However, in an attempt to keep teams balanced, we have instituted the following policy.

Coach and player requests will be limited to ONE request per participant. You may request one coach or one player. Timely registrations allow Community Services the opportunity to balance teams in a fair manner; timely requests also help in this process. However, there are many variables that go into the planning process and, even though we do our best, we cannot guarantee that your choice will be honored.

Grades 5 to 8 Exception: In an effort to balance teams fairly, Community Services no longer accepts special requests for Grades 5 to 8 sports (fall soccer, basketball, and indoor soccer).

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