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Special Divisions

The Scarborough Fire Department has six special response divisions.

Student Live In Program

For interested students who are planning on attending SMCC and would like to meet and do station tours for potential live in positions please fill out the form below.

Extrication Team

The extrication team is made up of members from each engine company. These members are trained to extricate the victims of motor vehicle and industrial accidents. The team responds with Squad 7.

Haz-Mat Team

Specially trained members of our department belong to the Presumpscot Valley Regional Response Team which is a regional Haz-Mat and WMD team made up of members from the communities of Scarborough, Gorham, Windham, Westbrook, Standish, and Gray. The team responds to hazardous material incidents throughout Cumberland County including leaks, spills, or potential releases of gases and fuel products. The team responds with Squad 7 and The Command Van.

Marine Rescue

The Marine Rescue Team responds to water emergencies on the coastal waters off Scarborough and on our many inland ponds and streams.

The team responds with our primary rescue boats, Marine 1, a 17’ Avon rigid hull/inflatable stationed at Black Point station, and Marine 4, a 21’ Boston Whaler stationed at Pine Point Station. 

These boats are equipped with GPS, radar, survival suits, helmets and life safety rope. Our department also has a 16’ open skiff stationed at Pleasant Hill Station and an inflatable boat at North Scarborough Station for inland water emergencies. All team members are trained in boat handling and search and rescue operations. Several members are also certified public safety rescue swimmers and certified divers.

Our marine rescue team partners with the Scarborough Police Marine Resources Officer, The US Coast Guard, The Maine Marine Patrol, and the Maine Game Warden’s Service and routinely responds to mutual aid calls with these agencies in Saco & Casco Bay.

Arson Investigation Team

The Fire Investigation Team is a group of individuals who have been trained and certified to respond to fires of an undetermined cause to investigate. They include fire fighters and police detectives specially trained in fire cause and point of origin determination. Many of the team members are active members in the International Association of Arson Investigators. This team has the tools and expertise to conduct most routine investigations locally. They also train and interface with the fire investigators from the State Fire Marshal's Office on large dollar loss fires or those that involve personal injury or death.

Members of the fire investigation team also follow up on reports of children playing with fire and participate in the Cumberland County Juvenile Fire Safety Collaborative. The mission of this collaborative is to identify juveniles that either have, or are at risk, for starting fires. They have extensive training in juvenile behavior and conducting interviews. They use proven screening tools to determine the child's risk and the best course of action to provide the juvenile the proactive assistance they require.

The collaborative includes members of law enforcement, school councilors, firefighters, mental health professionals, social workers, representatives from the department of corrections and educators. Based on detailed assessments this collaborative has a wide range of resources to provide these juveniles ranging from attending a local fire safety school with their parents for cases that involve curiosity fire play, to more formal interventions with social services or mental health professionals when needed.

If you have a concern about a juvenile and fire safety or fire play, you are urged to contact the Fire Chief's office at 883-4542.

Honor Guard

The Scarborough Fire Department Honor Guard represents the department at parades, funerals of public safety members and other functions. They wear dress uniforms and present the flags of both the United States and State of Maine.


The Scarborough Canteen was established in the early 1950’s by Eleanor Lorfano. Eleanor started the Canteen because she saw a need to provide firefighters with food and water during long arduous fires.

As fire science technology advances, large fires seem to be a thing of the past. However, the need for the Canteen is still present and the members appreciate the food and drink that the unit brings on cold nights and long events.

Special Events

Each year the Scarborough Fire Department holds two special events.  The first is in April.  The Scarborough Public Safety Awards Night is a night where the Fire and Police departments recognize the employees.  The second is in September.  Old Timer's Night is a night where the departments retired members get together for a special meal and some reminiscing.

The nominations below are for the department members to nominate their peers for awards at the annual awards night.

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