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New Employee Orientation

SCBA Refresher & Respiratory Protection Plan Review

To meet BLS Compliance, this year’s SCBA and Respiratory Protection Plan Review will consist of employees reviewing the department’s SCBA Refresher & Respiratory Protection Plan Review PowerPoint presentation with the successful completion of and online test. We have eliminated the SCBA confidence course as part of the mandatory training as it is not required by the standard. There is a practical evolution to don and doff the SCBA which will be done live during Fit Testing & Gear Check.

Blood Bourne Pathogens

Class will be delivered on first day of Orientation

FD Stormwater Training

Under the Federal Clean Water Act, Scarborough has a permit that allows for stormwater to be directed to water bodies in the community, provided that specific steps are taken to minimize pollution. This permit is administered by Maine DEP and is referred to as the Maine Pollution Detection and Elimination System (MPDES) MS4 permit. Implementation of these steps is mandatory as a regulated municipality. Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System, or MS4, means a stormwater conveyance that is separated from sanitary sewer systems. The storm sewer system

includes roads, curbs and gutters, ditches, storm drains, outfalls, and pipes connecting these features. This training manual is to be used in conjunction with the Operations & Maintenance Procedures guide, see guide for more details. 

Spill Report Form [PDF]

Spill Reporting Guide [PDF]

Spill Reporting Department Specific Information [PDF] 

Storm Water Exam []

  • Exam Access Code: SPILL

Sexual Harassment

All Non-Supervisory Employees:

Please log into the Maine Municipal Association Risk Management Services' online web training center and follow the directions below.

FY20 Sexual Harassment Training

Annual Fire Extinguisher Refresher

BLS regulations require annual competency on the usage of fire extinguishers in the work place. Please review the fire extinguisher information sheet and take the online exam.

Hazardous Materials Awareness

At a minimum all personnel must complete the Haz Mat Awareness training annually to be in compliance with BLS regulations. Additionally all members of the Haz Mat team must meet the annual requirements of 8 hours of technician level refresher training which must also include actual time in suits.

Haz Com Update

 Review the PowerPoint presentation before attempting the exam. After completing the exam print a copy of your test score for your own records. If you are taking this off-duty and are requesting pay you need submit a copy of your test results to the office for processing. If you are a full-time or per-diem member please take this on-duty and the program will automatically record your successful completion.

New Student, Per-Diem and Call Company Orientation Packet

SFD Inspections Quiz

A brief overview of our inspection process

Lock out Tag out Quiz

A brief overview of the Scarborough Fire Department's Lock out Tag out procedures.

Personal Protective Equipment Quiz

A brief overview of the Scarborough Fire Department's Personal Protective Equipment procedures and expectations.