Complete Streets Policy

Complete Streets

"Complete Streets” is a phrase that describes streets, roads and other transportation facilities designed for use and mobility by not only cars and trucks, but also walkers, joggers, bicyclists and in some cases, transit riders. For a number of years now the Town has been working hard to “complete” our streets as street, road, intersection and pedestrian improvements are designed and constructed. This is a focus because complete streets are important for a lot of different reasons, from providing transportation choices; to mobility and independence for age groups or individuals who can’t or don’t want to use a car for every trip; to reducing automobile congestion; to enabling more active and healthy lifestyles and recreation. Overall complete streets are a key element in ensuring a more livable, enjoyable community.

Given the importance of Complete Streets, the Scarborough Town Council adopted a Town Policy that expects complete street principles be included when the Town or the Maine DOT considers and designs projects, and when the Town reviews new developments.

For more information on Complete Streets at the national level, check out the following website: 

Current Initiatives

The following initiatives are recent, on-going or planned Complete Street projects in Scarborough. For more information please contact the Planning or Public Works Departments.

Gorham Road Preliminary Design

Gorham Road is a vital north-south roadway that has local and regional significance. Given the poor condition of the road between Payne Rd and Oak Hill and some of the safety issues the road exhibits for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians, the Town has conducted a preliminary design process to design and plan for improvements to this road corridor. The process involved significant public input and resulted in a multi-phase improvement plan to make Gorham Rd a safer, more complete street.

Pine Point Master Planning

On July 18, 2017 the Public Works and Planning Departments held a community discussion at the Pine Point Fire Station on King Street. The discussion was aimed at soliciting public input related to potential improvements in the Pine Point Neighborhood, specifically along East Grand Avenue and the intersection of East Grand Avenue and Pine Point Road. The meeting was well attended by 60 residents from the area and there was a lively discussion as well as an interactive approach that the design team used to gather feedback and opinions on Complete Streets elements that residents would like to see in future projects. Below is a link to the presentation provided that evening.

Pine Point Road Improvement Project

The section of Pine Point Rd that approaches East Grand Ave. and the Pine Point community is an active area in the summer season with motorists, walkers and cyclists. Given the level of activity and the range of users, the Town in partnership with the Maine DOT is working on a plan to “complete” this street with new paving, bike lanes, sidewalk improvements and street trees.

Eastern Road Advisory Bike / Pedestrian Lanes

The Eastern Road between Black Point Rd and Portland Farms Rd also serves as a section of the Eastern Trail and is very popular for walkers, joggers and bicyclists. As a pilot project the Town and the Bicycle Coalition of Maine are trying a new approach to striping that will provide advisory bicycle and pedestrian lanes that are intended to enable more comfort and safety for these users and to slow vehicle traffic, as this is very much a shared use roadway.

This striping is planned for mid-July and will be in place for 10-12 months until the final paving is performed next spring (’17). During that time we will monitor its effectiveness and get input from those that use the roadway.
To conduct a survey to provide your feedback and observations about the advisory bike and pedestrian lanes, please use the link below to the Bicycle Coalition of Maine’s survey webpage.  We appreciate your interest and input in this pilot project effort!

Oak Hill Intersection Improvements

Over the course of this spring (’16) the Town has implemented improvements to the Oak Hill intersection to make it safer and more comfortable for pedestrians. These improvements include new crosswalks, pedestrian signals, traffic signal upgrades, street lighting, and yield to pedestrian’s dynamic signage, a sidewalk extension, and new street trees.

Eastern Trail “Close the Gap” Initiative

The Town in partnership with Maine DOT, the Eastern Trail Alliance, and the Bicycle Coalition of Maine are working to complete the final off-road gap in the Eastern Trail in Scarborough. This 1.6 mile gap     between the Nonesuch River and the Wainwright Fields in South Portland is in final design and permitting and can be constructed next year (’17) if we are able to fully fund the project. The public sector has dedicated approximately $3 Million of the $3.6 to $3.8 Million needed and we are actively soliciting private donations to fund the remaining. For more information on the project and to donate, please go to the following website: