Stormwater Management

The Town’s Planning and Public Works Departments are working cooperatively on ways to best manage drainage and stormwater within the community. The stormwater management duties of our departments include:
  • review and approval of drainage and stormwater design for new or re-development
  • coordination with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on stormwater design review, approval and compliance
  • administration and compliance with the stormwater and pollution requirements of the Federal Clean Water Act (as known as NPDES)
  • drainage and stormwater maintenance and cleaning of public infrastructure
  • drainage and stormwater improvements of public infrastructure as part of capital improvement projects
  • stormwater and watershed planning, including exploring newer stormwater approaches, standards and stormwater planning on a watershed basis

Stormwater Management Ordinances


Phillips Brook

The Phillips Brook watershed covers 653 acres (1.02 square miles) in the Dunstan Corner area of Scarborough. The watershed includes the 2.77-mile Phillips Brook that runs from wetland areas in Saco, near the Scarborough line, through a residential area, across Broadturn Road and Payne Road, and behind the commercial development along US Route 1, before entering the Scarborough Marsh northeast of Pine Point Road.

Phillips Brook has been assessed by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MeDEP) as not meeting water quality standards for aquatic life and aquatic habitat use, and has been listed on the 303(d) list of impaired waters. The impairment of Phillips Brook has been attributed to stormwater runoff from paved surfaces, stormwater infrastructure along US Route 1, and development in the lower watershed that has encroached on the stream channel, floodplain, and wetlands areas.

The purpose of this project is to develop a locally-supported watershed-based management plan that will outline actions needed to improve Phillips Brook’s water quality and aquatic habitat to attain Class C standards and to build local support for implementation of this plan.

Red Brook Watershed

In addition to the above ordinances and State regulations, the Town has been working with Maine DEP and the Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District on a watershed plan for Red Brook, which is one of two watersheds that are classified as “urban impaired”. Click the link below to view the plan.

In an effort to implement this management plan as well as establish more local stormwater standards, customized to Scarborough’s needs and goals, the Town is working on a stormwater management program. There was a workshop on this topic at which the presentations linked below were presented.

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