The Town of Scarborough strives to balance economic well-being, livability, and a healthy environment to ensure a high quality of life for all. The Town is committed to working with residents, businesses, and local and regional partners to promote sustainable policies, regulations, and practices. Some of our major sustainability initiatives are listed below.

recycling group credit: freepik

Cutting down on waste by recycling is an important sustainable practice, but recycling needs to be done correctly. Visit our Waste & Recycling page to learn more, and check out our Which Bin Wednesday series on Facebook for weekly tips!

SPL solar panels

Scarborough's Sustainability Committee works on programs and policies to increase energy efficiency and increase the use of renewable energy. The Committee meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 8:00 am at Town Hall.

red brook

Over the past decade, Scarborough has worked with partners to develop and implement management plans that aim to improve our local streams. Learn more on our Stormwater Management page.

Each summer, endangered piping plovers call Scarborough's beaches home. Learn about how we're protecting the shorebirds and how you can get involved by visiting our Piping Plover page.
Jami Fitch
Sustainability Coordinator
Phone: (207) 730-4035
Email: jfitch