Food Waste

Food Waste Collection Pilot

In 2017 Town of Scarborough conducted a pilot program to collect food waste curbside in the Pleasant Hill neighborhood. Residents of the Pleasant Hill neighborhood received a 35-gallon cart for food waste and were expected to set these carts on the curb weekly during the regular collection day and time. 

Food Waste Videos

What happens to the compost that is being made from the organics collected?

For this pilot, Pine Tree Waste collected the food waste weekly and delivered it to ecomaine [] for processing. ecomaine then sent the food waste to Agri-Cycle Energy [in Exeter, ME where anaerobic digesters converted it into electricity, fertilizer, and animal bedding.

Why did this happen in Scarborough?

An average of 30% of household waste is food scraps. Disposing of food scraps in the trash is expensive, and the scraps are an important resource that should not be thrown away. This pilot was an opportunity to introduce a more sustainable way of managing our waste and allowed Town staff to gather data on participation, waste diversion, and cost effectiveness. The data will help evaluate the viability of adding this collection to the Town’s overall waste management program.

What if I live outside of the Pleasant Hill neighborhood?

Scarborough has two food waste drop off locations: Pine Tree Waste on Pleasant Hill Road and Public Works at 20 Washington Avenue (near the Holy Donut).

Additionally, Camp Ketcha [] takes food waste to add to the compost pile on their property. Please contact Rosemary Baker, Equestrian Program Director, at 207-883-8977 ext 110 for more information about drop off times and compost purchase.

Backyard Composting Bins

Finally, the Town of Scarborough has bins available for backyard composting. Please call 207-730-4400 for more information.