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Community Safety


What is CodeRED?

The CodeRED Emergency Telephone Calling System is an extremely high-speed telephone communication service available for emergency notifications.

How does it work?

The system is used to quickly notify residents and businesses in a geographic area of a potential hazardous situation, missing or endangered person, evacuation notices and other important public safety notices. Officials in Scarborough will determine the need for a broadcast and can initiate a call in minutes. The system is capable of 60,000 calls per hour. A townwide alert may take 15 minutes and a localized one may be only a couple.

What do you need to do?

Although most phone #'s are in the system there is a potential that yours is not. The Town of Scarborough does not have access to the database, we can not confirm that your number is logged. You may visit the link below which provides for entering your data. You may enter a primary and secondary number, the secondary number could be your cell phone number so you can be alerted while away from home. The system will not make duplicate calls. If you were already in the database and added your info you will not receive two calls to the same phone number.

Child Car Seats


Have your seats been inspected by one of our certified technicians? Please contact the technicians listed below for an appointment prior to stopping by the Police station.
Eric Greenleaf
Community Resource Officer
Phone: (207) 730-4314
Email: egreenleaf

Ben Landry
Patrol Officer
Phone: (207) 730-4340
Email: blandry
Travis Hon
Patrol Officer
Phone: (207) 730-4337
Email: thon

Mike DiClemente
Reserve Officer / EMT
Phone: (207) 730-4364
Email: mdiclemente

Maine Law

Maine’s Child Passenger Safety (CPS) law is one of the strongest in the country. The law requires the following:
  • Children who weigh less than 40 lbs. must ride in a child safety seat
  • Children who weigh at least 40 lbs., but less than 80 lbs. and less than 8 years old, must ride in a federally approved child restraint system
  • Children who are more than 8 years old and less than 18 years old and more than 4 feet 9 inches in height must be properly secured in a safety belt
  • Children under 12 years old and who weigh less than 100 lbs. must be properly secured in the back seat of the vehicle, if possible.
For Your Child’s Safety:
  • Children must ride rear facing until they are 1 year old and weigh at least 20 pounds.
  • Never place a rear facing child safety seat in front of an air bag.

Community Safety Center

The Community Safety Center features a constantly expanding volume of information and educational materials on matters that directly impact the safety, security, and quality of life in our community.

Our goal is to make this website a valuable aid to you as we work together to enhance personal safety and reduce crime and fear in our community. We hope you find this service interesting and informative. Feel free to share it with family and friends.

Dangerous Intersections

Public Safety Building
246 U.S. Route 1
Scarborough, ME 04074
Phone: (207) 883-6361
Fax: (207) 730-4250
Emergency: 911