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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Town's policy on parking during a snow storm?

Please refer to the Town's Traffic Ordinance, linked below.

Why did I get a parking ticket overnight on my own street ?

Town Ordinance prohibits parking every night from 2am till 6am on every town road. There are additional geographical restrictions, please see ordinance.

I am going away on vacation, can the police keep an extra eye on my home while I am gone ?

Yes we can. Simply call dispatch at (207) 883-6361 and leave us your name, address, length of leave, and who to contact in case of emergency, and we will do the rest.

I just moved to Maine. How long can I keep my out of state registration & license ?

State law requires you to register your vehicle within 30 day of residency. State law also requires you to obtain a Maine license within 30 days of residency. Your out of state inspection sticker is good until it expires.

Can I drive my uninspected vehicle to an inspection station?

Yes you can. However, you must obtain a permit from the Police department. You need to show proof of insurance and we need to see your registration and driver's license. 
Permits may be issued by a police officer after viewing the vehicle, and are good for 3 days, but only one trip to the inspection station.

Can I drive an unregistered car ?

You are subject to a ticket if the registration has been expired more than 30 days. It must be towed on a car carrier or trailer (no part of the vehicle can touch the ground). A vehicle you purchased can not be driven with plates from the seller. Those vehicles must also be towed.

Can I have my VIN # verified ?

Yes, any police officer can verify your vehicle's VIN.

Can I have my fingerprints taken ?

Yes, please bring any fingerprint cards you were given to the police station. We will have an officer fingerprint you as time permits. It is usually a very short wait. Sorry, we can not make appointments. There is a $3.00 fee.

How can I get a copy of my accident report ?

Please refer to the Forms & Applications page of our web site.

Is the a leash law in Scarborough ?

Please refer to the Town's Traffic Ordinance, linked below.

Animal Control Ordinance [PDF]

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