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High Five Fridays

posted Mar 20, 2019, 7:43 AM by Tim O'Brien   [ updated Mar 20, 2019, 7:45 AM ]

The Scarborough Police Department recognizes the importance of interaction with all age groups. We offer a wide variety of programs that devote interaction with various groups. Too frequently, the only exposure that young children have to Police Officers may be from viewing a television shows, movies, or just seeing them in passing. These examples do not truly represent what type of character or personalities that our officers have.

With younger children, we as officers often see the excitement that many children have when they see a police officer, or a police car. There are many organizations that come into our police station for tours, and it is often highlighted by showing the kids a “cruiser” up close with the lights on, or having them ask questions about our uniforms and gear that we wear.

Conversely, far too often we see the hesitation that these children have in approaching officers, or when officers approach them. Our officers are encouraged to approach any child and initiate that positive interaction with them simply by giving a high five or handshake. This is such a simple gesture and promotes being approachable and reinforcing that officers are friendly.

In an effort to further enhance these relationships, Chief Moulton has developed a new initiative called, “High Five Fridays”. Each Friday, a Scarborough Police Officer will be at one of the Primary schools, Intermediate school, Middle School, or High School to greet and “high five” students as they enter the school. This will be a great way for officers to have a direct positive interaction with students as they start their day. This will further be a way for officers and children to connect and form relationships with our students from a young age and maintain that positive and constructive relationship with them throughout their school years. This program will further enhance the approach-ability that students have with our school resource officers that are assigned to the Middle School and the High School, as they grow through our school system.

Scarborough Police Department is excited to start this new “High Five Friday” initiative.