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posted Dec 27, 2019, 5:49 AM by Leona Oceania   [ updated Dec 27, 2019, 5:50 AM ]
As a reminder, the Scarborough Public Works Department will be picking up Christmas Trees beginning the week of January 6th, and will continue throughout the month of January.

A few things to remember:
- Please place your tree curbside on the same day as your trash pick up. REMINDER: We will be picking up the trees separate from the trash collection, so if your trash and been picked up, but the tree is still there (or vice versa) do not dismay! We will get there!

- Please place the tree far enough from the curb/road that it will not get buried by a snowplow - but not so far that it is not easily accessible by our crew.

- If your tree DOES get buried by either snow-from-the-sky or snow-from-the-plow, please dig it out! We will not be able to dig out, or free up frozen-to-the-ground-trees.

- We will pick up Christmas Trees to the best of our ability, as the weather allows. If there is a snowstorm, and our entire crew is out plowing, we may miss a tree pick up day or two. (Or three!) Please just be patient, and make sure the tree is curbside the following week on your trash day.

- You may also drop off your Christmas Tree here at the Public Works facility. When doing so, we ask that you place it next to the winter-sand-for-the-public area. (Next to the fenced in household-overflow-trash-dumpster)

Questions? Contact us at or 207.730.4400.