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Certification of Sufficiency and Validity of Recall Petitions

posted Apr 6, 2018, 7:31 AM by Tody Justice

Pursuant to Section 906, of the Town Charter, this notice from the Town Clerk’s Office is to inform the public that the petition have been verified to place the

questions for recall of Board of Education members Donna Beeley, Cari Lyford and Jodi Shea.


The Petitions were processed in accordance with Chapter 200 – Town Charter, Section 903. Petition for Recall of an Elected Official. The required number of valid signatures to reach was 2,622. On March 26th the Town Clerk’s Office received 78 petitions for each individual. After certifying 74 petitions on each individual, we established that the Sponsors had obtained more than the required 2,622 valid signatures of registered votes for each petition.


Therefore, the petitions have been certified as sufficient and valid. Pursuant to Section 906.1 - Upon receipt of the certification of sufficiency and validity from the Clerk under Section 905.3, the Town Council shall call a public hearing to be held within 30 days of the date of the Clerk’s certification. Notice of the public hearing shall be given in the same fashion as the notice proposed ordinances under Section 213.


The Town Council agenda for Wednesday April 11, 2018 will include acceptance of the certified petitions and scheduling of three public hearings to begin at 7:00 pm on Wednesday April 25, 2018.