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posted Jan 4, 2018, 4:40 AM by Tody Justice
*CLOSINGS: Due to the winter storm, Scarborough Town Hall and non-emergency operations as well as Scarborough Schools are closed Thursday, January 4, 2018.  

* PARKING BAN - An emergency parking ban has been issued for 1:00 pm Thursday (1/4) to 5:00 pm Friday (1/5). Any vehicle parked on a public roadway will be subject to ticket, tow, and storage fees at the owner's expense.

* BLIZZARD WARNING FOR OUR AREA | COASTAL FLOOD WATCH: Between the strong winds, astronomically high tide, and heavy snow we all need to prepare for the worst. Have your supplies ready and a safety plan in case the power goes out for an extended time, or potential flooding. Although this is going to be a significant event it isn't anything we haven't dealt with in the past.

* TOWN PLOWS: Visibility will be limited. If you are able to, please leave on an outside light, it helps the plow drivers keep their bearings.

* DRIVING: PLEASE do not venture out if at all possible. Visibility will be very low, combined with the high potential for snow covered roads, due to the high winds blowing snow back into the roadways.

* PUBLIC SAFETY: Police and Fire will be fully staffed but keep in mind that response times will be delayed due to snow conditions. 

For further updates, please listen to your local news channels.  Be safe!