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posted Mar 26, 2018, 1:13 PM by Colette Mathieson   [ updated Mar 26, 2018, 1:21 PM ]


Today, March 26, 2018, petitions were received for the recall of Donna Beeley, Cari Lyford and Jodi Shea from the Board of Education

for the stated reason of “incompetence”.  The process required for the recall of an elected official is clearly prescribed in Section 903 of the Town Charter and has multiple steps.  It is important that each step is carefully considered to ensure compliance with the Charter and that we do not speculate on future steps.   


With the receipt of the petitions today, the first step is for the Town Clerk to determine whether the petitions are in compliance with the requirements and whether the required number of valid signatures (at least 25% of the number of votes cast in Scarborough in the last gubernatorial election, (2622) has been obtained.  The Town Clerk must certify the petitions within ten (10) working days of today, such certification of sufficiency and validity shall be submitted to the Town Council. 


Upon receipt of the certification, the Town Council shall within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the certification call a public hearing, the purpose of which is to allow the officials sought to be recalled a right to be heard and to respond to the reasons stated in the recall petition and to public comment.  As it is unknown at this time when the Town Clerk will submit the certification, it is not possible to speculate when the public hearing will be held, but given the interest in this matter, provided that the required seven day notice is met, the expectation is that the public hearing will be scheduled at the next regular public meeting of the Town Council following the certification of the petition. 


Within thirty (30) days after the date of the public hearing, the Town Council shall call and hold a special Town election for the purpose of submitting the petitioned question to the voters.  If the Town Council fails or refuses to order a recall election as required, the Town Clerk shall call the election.  One way or another the voters will decide whether these three elected officials are recalled from office.  Again, it is too early to identify a potential date for the special recall

election at this time.


Should the recall be successful and result in one or more vacancies on the Board of Education there will be another process and public vote.  More information and specific detail will be forthcoming as the process proceeds.