Ad-Hoc Community Center Advisory Committee

A sports complex is under consideration in Scarborough at the Downs.In an effort to better serve the community, the Town of Scarborough has created this web page to aggregate information on a potential Scarborough Community Center and on the unfolding discussion surrounding the Edge Sports Group's proposed facility at the Downs. Check back periodically for news, meeting videos, documents, important dates, and other information as it becomes available.

The committee consists of nine members, appointed by the Town Council. The committee members can be reached by email at

Scarborough Community Center Survey

The Scarborough Ad-Hoc Community Center Advisory Committee is tasked with assessing the level of interest in a community center and evaluating the available options for building such a center in Scarborough. The Committee evaluation will include understanding desired amenities, anticipated operational costs, and associated construction costs. 

The Downs and Edge Sports Group is planning to build a private facility that would include an indoor ice rink, and indoor and outdoor turf. They have proposed partnering with Scarborough in some capacity to include a community center into the recreational facility they are planning to build. This proposal shows potential options that the Ad-Hoc Committee is currently analyzing.

The objective of this survey is to gauge the level of interest in a Scarborough Community Center from the residents of Scarborough and neighboring towns and gather information regarding amenities and fees. This information will assist in the Committee’s analysis. 

Please complete the survey below.  One response per adult in household, please.

Discussion Dates

The data below contains information provided to the Town of Scarborough by the Edge Sports Group in partnership with the Downs.  These documents are not representative of any agreements that the Town has entered into, does not commit the Town to any action and is included here for informational purposes only.


September 23, 2019 Agenda   
September 30, 2019 Agenda Minutes  
October 7, 2019 Agenda Minutes  
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Committee Members

Voting Members

  • Amelia Kurtz
  • Denise Smith
  • Esia Do
  • Kevin Freeman
  • Matt Sither
  • Matthew Tonello
  • Patrick O'Reilly
  • Sarah Boone
  • Stacey Neumann

Non-Voting Members

  • John Cloutier, Town Council
  • Paul Johnson, Town Council
  • Leanne Kazilionis, Board of Education
  • Sara Leighton, Board of Education
  • Todd Souza, Community Services Director
  • Thomas Hall, Town Manager
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