Coastal Waters and Harbor Advisory Committee

The purpose of this Committee is to establish regulations for marine activities within harbors, waterways and tidal waters of the Town of Scarborough, Maine in order to ensure safety to persons and property, to promote availability and use of a valuable public resource, and to create a fair and efficient framework for the administration of that resource.


The board consists of five members and two alternates, appointed by the Town Council.
  • Liam Erickson - 2020
  • Michael Slavin - 2021
  • Travis Turner, Chair - 2019
  • Steve Decrosta - 2020
  • Maria Odlin - 2021
  • Vincent Clough, First Alternate - 2021
  • Vacant, Second Alternate - 2020


Committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m..

Angelo Mazzone
Phone: (207) 730-4360
Email: amazzone

Donald Hamill
Town Councilor
Phone: (207) 420-1116
Email: dhamill