Shellfish Committee

The purpose of this Committee is to establish a shellfish conservation program for the Town of Scarborough which will insure the protection and optimum utilization of shellfish resources within its limits. These goals will be achieved by means which may include licensing, limiting the number of shellfish harvesters, restricting the time and area where digging is permitted, limiting the minimum size of clams taken, and limiting the amount of clams taken daily by a harvester.


The committee consists of seven members, appointed by the Town Council. 
  • Robert Willette, Chair - 2016
  • Sheldon Blais - 2015
  • Stefanie Dylewski - 2015
  • Timothy Downs - 2014
  • Michael Lemelin - 2014
  • Matthew Toohey - 2015
  • Terry Twomey - 2016
  • David Green, Altermate


Meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM.

David Corbeau
Phone: (207) 883-4301

James Benedict
Town Councilor
Phone: (207) 883-9911