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Scarborough Town News & Events

March 15, 2023 Town Newsletter

It seems like March is giving us a busy month of snowstorms, and that same energy is mirrored across our departments. Assessing is organizing tax assistance applications, Community Services has a lineup of programs for all ages, Town Council is gearing up for budget season to kick off in April, and more. Read on for the full gamut, and have your pen handy for some useful "save the dates" on upcoming deadlines, program event dates, and more.

FY2024 Budget Season

The Fiscal Year 2024 budget season will begin in late March with the presentation of the proposed budget by the Town Manager. Stay up to date with the budget season and anticipated process.


Given that the ground did not freeze, or remain frozen for any considerable period of time this year, the decision has been made that roads will not need to be posted in the spring of 2023.

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