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Scarborough Municipal Budget

The Town of Scarborough fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. In the Spring, the Town and School begin the annual budget process to prepare for the upcoming fiscal year. The review process provides opportunities for the Town Council and finance committee to learn more from individual departments and make any adjustments. It also creates space for citizen participation and input in the budget. The budget process typically concludes in early June to adopt the budget for the following fiscal year. Check back periodically from March through June for budget news, documents, important dates, and more.

Budget information is compiled into a single document for each fiscal year. The document provides a high-level summary by the Town Manager of the Town’s financial position and vision for the coming year. It also includes an itemized account of the budget by department, and the strategic goals and objectives to provide services to Scarborough residents.

Any comments, questions, or suggestions about the Town's budget can be sent to


The FY2023 Budget has been approved and is now available to view/download