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Personal Property

All persons owning business personal property are required to submit a true and perfect list of all personal property located in Scarborough on April 1 of each year. Personal Property includes all furniture, fixtures, computers, software, machinery, equipment, trailers, and other business assets. This list is the basis for your Personal Property taxes.

Personal Property is assessed April 1 of each year. If you own personal property located in Scarborough on April 1, you are responsible for the annual taxes even if the business has moved locations or closed. Please inform the Assessing Office if your business is no longer in Scarborough so that you are not taxed in error.

The Personal Property Declaration form is sent out to all businesses in Scarborough each year. This must be returned to the office by May 1. Failure to return a complete list of personal property forfeits the right to appeal your assessment.

Business Equipment Tax Programs

The Business Equipment Tax Exemption Program (BETE) is a state program that exempts qualifying property placed in service after April 1, 2007. Retail sales businesses are specifically excluded but some retail services may be eligible. BETE applications must be returned to the office by May 1 each year.

The Business Equipment Tax Reimbursement Program (BETR) is a state program that reimburses taxpayers for property placed in service after April 1, 1995. The taxpayer must submit the 801 form(s) to the Scarborough Assessing Office, have it signed by the Assessor, and then submit it to the state by January 1. Applications for the current BETR program are based on taxes paid in the previous year. The application period runs from August 1 through December 31.

More information about these State programs can be found on the Maine Revenue Services website.

Camper Trailers

Per Maine State Law, municipalities are required to assess mobile homes or camper trailers housed year round in a Maine campground as personal property. This includes the trailer as well as any additional structures attached to the dwelling or outbuildings, such as a shed. An annual declaration form will be mailed out and the following information requested: Site Location, Year, Make, Model, Serial Number, Size, and original purchase price (if available).

Please note that if your trailer is registered as a trailer or vehicle in another municipality as of April 1, the unit will not be assessed as personal property in Scarborough if you provide us with a copy of that registration.