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Real Estate

The Assessor is responsible for estimating the “just value” of all property in Scarborough as of April 1 each year. The courts have interpreted “just value” to mean fair market value. For frequently asked questions, see our Assessing FAQ page.

Property Card

Visit Vision Online Database to view and download a PDF of your Property Card (a/k/a Field Card); however, you may first want to view our step-by-step "How to Find Your Property Card" guide for more details. When you locate your property card, you should review it carefully. See our How to Interpret Your Property Card visual guide explaining each section of the card. At first glance, the real estate property assessment record can be intimidating; it is very detailed, containing a wealth of information that can be difficult to decipher for someone who does not work in real estate. This visual guide was designed to help and educate property owners who wish to understand the layout and content of their property card.

Property Sales

Visit Search Maine Sales to access property sales as reported on filed Real Estate Transfer Tax Declarations (RETTDs). You may view, download, or print PDF versions going as far back as 2006 using the Property Tax Division of Maine Revenue Services' RETTD Public Lookup Application. Search by county, municipality, property type, book and page, selling price, and date sold. Note: To obtain a PDF report, click on the DLN# and wait for the report to download. RETTDs are recorded and analyzed by the Assessor to estimate the fair market value of property and can be viewed in the Assessing Office.

GIS Parcel Search can be used for abutting parcel searches and basic assessment information. You may want to read our "Online GIS & Parcel Viewer User's Guide Quick Tips" before using GIS. Note: This application and the application within has been provided by the Town of Scarborough with the assistance of Corson GIS Solutions and is intended for planning purposes only. Neither the Town nor Corson GIS Solutions accept any liability for the systems completeness or accuracy.

Property Deeds

Visit Registry of Deeds to find all documents related to the ownership of real estate in Cumberland County. Search by name, volume (i.e., book/page) or date, all of which can be found on the summary tax record under “Owner of Record” via our Vision Online Database. For a fee, you may also get a copy of your deed in the Assessing Office.