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Skating Ponds

Information & Status

Current Status: CLOSED
Check status daily in-season on the Community Services Facebook page

ice skating pond

The outdoor municipal skating ponds are located at 20 Municipal Drive in Scarborough. The ponds are situated behind the brick maintenance building, which is between the High School fields and Wentworth School. Parking is available at Wentworth School or along the High School fields and tennis courts.

Hours of Operation

There are two distinct skating areas – the upper pond for hockey and the lower pond for skating. Both areas will be open to the public, depending on weather and ice conditions. Benches are available around the areas and within the bathrooms for changing in and out of skate gear.


(Pending Ice Conditions, Maintenance and Snow Removal)

Monday – Friday: 2:00 to 9:00 pm

Saturday – Sunday: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm

Ice Conditions


As these are outdoor skating ponds, ice conditions depend entirely on the weather, so it will be open on a day-to-day basis depending on conditions. The ponds will remain open as long as the cold weather persists. We thank you for respecting our signs when the area is closed.


For the 2022 season, we will be posting a daily ice status update on the Community Services Facebook page. Our goal is to post by 12:00 pm on weekdays. We will post about the weekend status on Fridays by 4:00 pm. 


Posts about the skating ponds will let you know if the ice rink is open for normal hours, if it is closed due to maintenance (with the goal of opening later in the day), or closed due to poor ice or weather conditions) As a reminder, lights at the ponds are set to turn off at 9:00 pm every night.

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