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When you tour this great town of Scarborough by foot or bicycle, we hope you enjoy the scenery, the rocky coast, the beaches, the park system and most of all the wonderful trail system that we are creating for your enjoyment.

map of trails in Scarborough  maine

Here you may view maps of our local trails in Scarborough, Maine. You can also print the maps to take with you on a trail walk. These maps are for your enjoyment and are not to scale. Also provided is the Parks Use Ordinance outlining the rules for using the parks and recreational facilities in Town.

The future goal is to establish a trail network that someone from every age group will enjoy. We must look at the bigger picture as we continue to grow and establish other forms of transportation within our town. Our goal is to develop a trail network that ties most all recreational opportunities together, from the beaches to the parks to the open greenways. We hope you find the information here of value. We also wish to know if you have suggestions for making this website more useful.

Trail Maps

Publicly accessible trails in Scarborough, Maine are listed below. You can look at a detailed map of each trail. The map above shows the location of the trails within the town. (View full-size print version)

Trails are managed by the Scarborough Land Trust (SLT), a non-profit, community-based organization committed to conserving land in Scarborough for open space, water quality, wildlife habitat, and public access. Founded in 1977, SLT has protected more than 1,500 acres to date, and has created public trails on the six properties listed below. The printable trail maps available here were created through a partnership between SLT and the Town.

Scarborough Land Trust Logo

For more information, please visit SLT’s website at