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Ski Program Lottery for 2024 Season

Ski Program Lottery for 2024 Season

Thinking of snow? Well, we are! It may seem early to be discussing skiing but we wanted to get the information out there early so everyone can make plans.

Scarborough Community Services has offered night skiing at Pleasant Mountain (formerly Shawnee Peak) for over 11 years now, and as each year goes by, there is a growing demand. Coordinating multiple buses, many chaperones, and even more kids becomes a challenge, but the biggest challenge is safety. We are getting to the point where we cannot meet the demand while keeping all participants safe. We know this means that not everyone will be able to join us but if that means everyone will be safer, we are okay with making that call.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Pleasant Mountain Ski program and the limited availability of spaces, we have decided to transition the registration to a lottery system this year. The Ski Program Lottery will open online on September 25 at 8:00 am and will close on October 17 at 11:59 pm. It does not matter what day or time you put your child’s name into the lottery as it will be a random draw . . .  just make sure you do it before the deadline!

Ski Program Lottery Registration


If you have never registered for the program before, you will need to set up a household in the registration system in order to enroll in the lottery. If you have issues completing it online, please be sure to call the Hub at 207-730-4150 and we can assist you with the process.


If your name is selected, we will contact you directly via phone call, set up the registration, and take the payment. We will also ask if you are interested in chaperoning on ski trips during registration. Forms will follow in an email and need to be completed and returned by December 22 at the latest. If a child is selected and their sibling/siblings are in the lotteries, they will all get a spot in the program as long as space permits. 

Anyone remaining on the lottery after spaces have been filled will be waitlisted in case of cancellations. If we receive a cancellation, the waitlisted names would run through another lottery draw. We will NOT be going beyond the set max headcounts for either one of the ski nights. This lottery and program is also restricted to Scarborough residents only.

We hope this new registration process levels the playing field and gives everyone a fair chance at participating in one of our most popular programs. 


Basic Program Information

Grades 4-5
1/16 to 2/13
Bus leaves 3:30; Returns 9:15-9:30
Max Headcount: 50

Grades 6-8
Bus leaves 3:00; Returns 9:15-9:30
Max Headcount: 100

Bus Only: $225
Lift Only: $310
Lift & Lessons: $375
Lift, Lesson, Rentals: $485
Lift & Rentals: $375

Rain/Snow Date: In the event of unsafe driving/skiing conditions, we do have a make-up dates in place for 2/27 and 2/28

Ski Program Lottery Registration