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Burn Permits

The Scarborough Fire Department offers a no cost, on-line burn permit option through a website that can be accessed at Burn permits have, and will continue to be available at each of the neighborhood fire stations at no charge. The system will only allow permits on days with an appropriate fire danger class, and local control is available to limit permits as necessary if the wind blows more than forecast, or for any other safety reason.

Visit Warden's Report to Apply

Visit Warden's Report Website

The burning must be conducted according to the terms and conditions of the permit and may not create a nuisance. A permit is required for the following types of recreational fires:

  • Recreational campfires kindled when the ground is not covered by snow;
  • Fires in conjunction with holiday and festive celebrations;
  • Burning of leaves, brush, deadwood, leaves, grass, and tree cuttings

When burning please also be considerate of your neighbors by keeping your piles small, and your fires hot to minimize smoke and so the smoke that is generated quickly dissipates and doesn’t create a nuisance.

Please call (207) 883-4542 for questions or concerns.