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Public Education


The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for public fire safety education about smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and a variety of other subjects. We also offer educational programs for Scarborough’s school children, pre-schools, and day care clients as well as a fall and accident prevention program for our senior citizens.

Programs Offered

  • NFPA Risk Watch
  • Sparky's Hazard House
  • Juveniles Fire Safety Intervention
  • Station Tours
  • Birthday Parties


red fire hydrant

In the event of a fire emergency during the winter, could firefighters find the hydrant near your home? Heavy snowfalls, trash and weeds can make it difficult for firefighters to locate some of the more than 700 fire hydrants in the town of Scarborough. Do you have a fire hydrant in your front yard or close to your home? If so, do you take time to clear snow and debris around it?

Hydrants should have a 3 foot radius space around it free and clear of snow and shrubbery. If a hydrant appears to be leaking or running please contact the fire department as soon as possible at (207)883-4542. (Frozen fire hydrants are of no value to anyone). In an effort to reduce the timeframe needed to clear snow from all hydrants, an Adopt-A-Hydrant campaign is being introduced into the community. It normally takes a firefighter about 45 seconds to connect the hose to a fire hydrant. Hydrants buried in the snow are harder to find and the firefighter must spend precious moments clearing away the snow just to hook up the hose. That extra time might be needed to save a home, or more importantly, to save a life. So whenever you are braving the cold to shovel your sidewalk or driveway, please take the extra time to clean around and adopt your hydrant. There is no need to notify the town about a hydrant you have adopted as this is an informal volunteer program. Your help is appreciated!