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Complete Streets

Complete Streets” is a phrase that describes streets, roads and other transportation facilities designed for use and mobility by not only cars and trucks, but also walkers, joggers, bicyclists and in some cases, transit riders. For a number of years now the Town has been working hard to “complete” our streets as street, road, intersection and pedestrian improvements are designed and constructed. This is a focus because complete streets are important for a lot of different reasons, from providing transportation choices; to mobility and independence for age groups or individuals who can’t or don’t want to use a car for every trip; to reducing automobile congestion; to enabling more active and healthy lifestyles and recreation. Overall complete streets are a key element in ensuring a more livable, enjoyable community.

Given the importance of Complete Streets, the Scarborough Town Council adopted a Town Policy that expects complete street principles be included when the Town or the Maine DOT considers and designs projects, and when the Town reviews new developments.

Town of Scarborough Complete Streets Policy

Scarborough Complete Streets Presentation

For more information on Complete Streets at the national level, check out the following website:

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Current Initiatives