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Comprehensive Plan

On June 30, 2021 the Town Council adopted the 2021 Comprehensive Plan. This plan includes amendments which are a result of feedback received from the public as well as other town committees and boards.

The five core vision statements from the plan are: 

  1. The Scarborough Marsh is central to the Town’s identity, and therefore future land use will follow a pattern of development that is sensitive to protecting the Marsh as well as the town’s natural resources.
  2. Future land use patterns will create opportunities for the efficient delivery of municipal services and infrastructure, resulting in fiscal sustainability.
  3. Our ordinances will support the diversity and character of existing and emerging neighborhoods, centers and open spaces.
  4. Scarborough’s economy will support a broad assortment of businesses that provide stability for the tax base, that respects natural resource base, and that support opportunities for residents.
  5. Scarborough’s transportation network will support current and future land uses that create efficiencies which reduce the impact of traffic on residents and businesses.

View 2021 Comprehensive Plan State Data Package

Download 2021 Comprehensive Plan State Data Package

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