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Forms & Applications

Alarm Registration

In accordance with the Town's Alarm System Ordinance, all businesses and residents with alarms must be registered with the town. Help us help you. It is imperative that we are kept updated with correct contact information including, property location, alarm information, and who we can contact in case of an emergency. The information you provide us will be kept confidential.

Alarm System Ordinance

We request the form below be filled out upon installation of a new alarm, and updated as any changes occur. If you have any questions about this form or any general questions about this process, please contact Tim O'Brien at the Police Station.

Business or Residential Alarm Registration

Parking or Ordinance Ticket Appeal Form

If you wish to appeal a parking ticket or ordinance ticket, please fill-out and mail the form linked below to the Scarborough Police Department.  Appeal forms must be submitted within seven days of the date on the ticket.

Parking Ticket Appeal Form

Ordinance Ticket Appeal Form

Special Needs Form

The Special Needs Form is used to collect specific information that could be helpful in the event that we have to locate, assist, or communicate with an individual that may have special needs. Although the idea for the form came from a call involving an autistic child, the form was designed to capture information that is relative to a variety of special needs spanning all ages. For more information on the program, click on the form below.

Special Needs Form

Weapons Permit

Please read the "Laws Relating to Permits to Carry Concealed Firearms" pamphlet prior to signing the Application for Permit to Carry Concealed Firearms.

Laws Relating to Permits to Carry Concealed Firearms

You must print, fill-out, and return the four documents listed below. They must be returned together.

  • Weapons Permit Instruction Form
  • Concealed Weapons Permit Application
  • General Release Form
  • Medical Release Form

For your convenience, the four documents have been packaged together into one larger document, linked below:

Weapons Permit Application

Witness Statement

To file a witness statement, please fill-out, print, and submit the document linked below to the Scarborough Police.

Witness Statement (Printable)

Witness Statement (Interactive)