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Sex Offender Registry

Due to a change in policy, Scarborough Police Department will no longer be able to provide email notifications of sex offenders living or working in Scarborough.  Our website will be updated to provide you with a link directly to the Maine Sex Offender Registry’s Scarborough offenders.  As a courtesy, we will sign you up for notifications with the Maine Sex Offender Registry if requested, or you are welcome to visit their website and sign up for alerts using the green button to the right side of the page. Maine’s Sex Offender Registry does not list the address of the offenders’ work or home unless you click “request more information on this registrant”.  You will be asked to provide your information, at which point the additional information on the offender will show, to include:

  • Alias name
  • Registrant's sex, race, height, weight, and eye color
  • Mailing and home address
  • Legal description of the crime for which the registrant was convicted, date of conviction, and the sentence imposed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and will do our best to assist you with obtaining this information via the Maine S.O.R. website going forward.

View Maine State Sex Offender Registry Website (Filtered for Scarborough)

If you believe a person's name is on the list in error or have any questions or concerns regarding an individual named on the list, please contact Officer Eric Greenleaf at (207) 730-4314.