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Traffic Calming Policy

The Traffic Calming Policy recognizes the commitment by the Town of Scarborough to promote safe and efficient movement of all modes of transportation throughout our community. The goal of this policy is to provide a path for residents or businesses to request further analysis by Town staff and/or Traffic Engineering Consultants to better understand the issues and provide an appropriate solution taking into consideration the following resources: best engineering practices, Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), Federal Highway Administration (FHA), Maine Department of Transportation (Maine DOT), Scarborough Comprehensive Plan, other relative studies and applicable research. To learn more, read the complete Town of Scarborough Traffic Calming Request Policy

Consideration of traffic calming measures should be carefully evaluated to establish the need for implementation, proper selection of the most appropriate traffic calming measure, and to maintain compatibility with the goals of this policy. Requests for consideration of traffic calming measures can be initiated in various ways, either internally by staff or externally by the public. The process of evaluating the traffic calming considerations is further described in the Traffic Calming Request Policy. To submit a request for consideration of traffic calming measures, complete the following online application.

Traffic Calming Application