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Massage Therapist & Establishment Licensing

  1. Massage Establishment License: No person shall operate a massage establishment without a valid massage establishment license. A separate license shall be required for each such establishment.
  2. Massage Therapist License: No person shall work as a massage therapist without a valid massage therapist license or a combined massage establishment/massage therapist license.
  3. Combined Massage Establishment/Massage Therapist License: A sole practitioner who employs no massage therapist other than himself/herself may apply for a combined massage establishment/massage therapist license in lieu of both a massage establishment license and a massage therapist license.


Please refer to the ordinances linked below for further requirements.

Massage Establishment Ordinance

Para-Massage Establishment Ordinance


Massage Therapist / Combination Therapist / Establishment Application

Massage Establishment Only Application

Supplemental Questionnaire for Corporate Applicants