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Council Outlook

2023 Council Goals

In January of each year, Town Councils holds a goals workshop to develop their priority initiatives for the year ahead. Their goals for 2023 are as follows:

Financial Management: Deliver a 2024 Budget, comply with our Financial & Fiscal policy and give more attention to monitoring the financial health of the Town.

Housing Choice & Homelessness: Study and determine steps to address homelessness in Scarborough, including addressing housing choice for affordable and workforce housing options

Residential Growth Management: Update our ordinances to better manage the pace and impacts of growth on the community.

Strategic Capital & Facilities Planning: Act on municipal and school facility needs to advance the new school and community center.

Sustainability, Conservation & Climate Change: Develop a plan to conserve more land in Scarborough and better integrate conservation and sustainability principles into our planning processes.

Traffic & Transportation: Support transportation initiatives that will improve traffic flow in Scarborough.

Public Engagement & Communications: Enhance our engagement with the public to facilitate decision making and build trust in our government.

Click Here to view the 2023 goals in more detail.

Town Council Corner

As the Town Council discusses relevant issues in Scarborough, learn more about their perspective and how you can join the conversation. Council Corner articles serve as a way for councilors to educate and expand upon these topics outside of the meeting setting. They often encourage public participation through sharing links to recent or upcoming meetings and inviting public comment. The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Scarborough Town Council.

By John Cloutier, Town Council 

We’re about to enter budget season in Scarborough and the Town Council and our Finance Committee are gearing up to take a deep dive into the proposals that will be brought forward by the Town Manager and Board of Education. There are 2 primary decisions that the Council needs to make in the budget process: How much spending will we allow for each department?, and How much will we direct the Town Assessor to collect from Property tax payers?

By Jean-Marie Caterina, Town Council 

In 2009, my daughter graduated from Scarborough High having come up through Eight Corners, Wentworth, the middle school, and the high school. Throughout her tenure there were portables throughout the system and a failing Wentworth building. Wentworth was finally replaced when it became dangerous to teach children in that building. Yet here we are 14 years later. Not much else has changed. We keep on building portables. We keep on delaying the inevitable. 

By Jon Anderson, Town Council Chair

There is so much to look forward to in 2023! The Town Council approved 2023 goals, and while we have set an ambitious agenda for the year, I have faith that this Council in partnership with our Town Manager, amazing Town Staff, dedicated Town Committee members and your support, can make it happen. Read more about our areas of focus.

By April Sither, Town Council

With the new year upon us, our council committees are ready to hit the ground running. This year the council will be ushering in quite a bit of change! Each council member has been appointed to at least one committee that they did not serve last year. Additionally, all but one of our council committees has a new chairperson. There will inevitably be some bumps in the road as we settle into our new roles, but I for one am excited to learn a new area of council governance. I am also excited by the opportunity that fresh perspectives will bring to our work.  

By John Cloutier, Town Council

It’s such a blessing to celebrate the Holidays in a place like Scarborough.  As the Town Council begins to prepare for 2023, I feel fortunate to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support, compassion and engagement that you showed in 2022 and to reflect on how things went.

Council Chair Reports

Every few months, the Town Council Chair provides a full update to councilors on anticipated upcoming agenda items, current and future initiatives, and a general timeline for action items on current issues. These reports give a comprehensive look at the most timely issues under Town Council review.

April 2022 Chair Report

Past Chair Reports

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