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Council Outlook

2022 Council Goals

In January of each year, Town Councils holds a goals workshop to develop their priority initiatives for the year ahead. Their goals for 2022 are as follows:

1)  Advance long-term facilities planning; prioritizing a Community Center/Pool/Hub and partnering with the Board of Education on school facility needs.

2)  Leverage the town-wide community survey to identify actionable improvements with continued public engagement and communication.

3)  Take action to improve housing affordability.

4)  Update/modernize Impact Fees.

5)  Continued Fiscal Health and Sustainability:

  • <  3% mil rate increase; 
  • < 5% gross budget increase;
  • < 15% debt service as a % of operating budget
  • Optimize utilization of Tax Increment Financing Districts 

6)  Review Charter Committee recommendations and approve revisions to be included on the November 2022 Ballot.

Town Council Corner

As the Town Council discusses relevant issues in Scarborough, learn more about their perspective and how you can join the conversation. Council Corner articles serve as a way for councilors to educate and expand upon these topics outside of the meeting setting. They often encourage public participation through sharing links to recent or upcoming meetings and inviting public comment. The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Scarborough Town Council.

By Jean-Marie Caterina, Town Council

As I write this column, I find myself reflecting on my 8 years of service to the people of Scarborough. I marvel at the changes that have occurred in town over that time. I ponder the annual change in the dynamics of the group of councilors with whom I serve. Ultimately, it is all good. 

By Jon Anderson, Town Council

October 5th was a big meeting for the Town to reset on growth. It was not the clearest or easiest process to get here, but I am looking forward to this fresh start.  At the meeting, the Council approved amendments to the Growth Management Ordinance (GMO), withdrew the Downs initial growth exemption request that was submitted nearly a year ago essentially requesting unrestrained growth, and committed to revisit and revise the GMO in 2023.

  • GMO

By April Sither, Town Council

Uncontested, again. At first it might sound great. For the second time in two years, I will be seeking a seat on the Town Council, and for the second time I am uncontested. Running an uncontested campaign certainly has its upsides. I will not need to fundraise for expensive newspaper ads, I can reuse the limited number of signs I purchased last year, and I will not have to divert my time away from council work in favor of running a full-scale campaign. And while I appreciate the advantages, I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed. 

  • Election

By Jean-Marie Caterina, Town Council

Change is a funny thing. It is inevitable in one’s life and yet as humans we resist it with every ounce of our being. Change makes us uncomfortable. It evokes a fear of the unknown. But, when handled correctly, it is the catalyst for the better.

By Don Hamill, Town Council

In the midst of our annual budget cycle in May I wrote an article appealing for us as a Public, Town Council and Staff to prioritize our large capital items. They included the Library Expansion $13MM ($18MM+ including all costs), School Facilities Improvements ($130MM+) and a Community Center and Pool ($35MM+). We have devoted much time and energy as a Council to define the Library project more clearly and have made a very preliminary step forward by modeling various scenarios for capital appropriations with our external bond advisor.

Council Chair Reports

Every few months, the Town Council Chair provides a full update to councilors on anticipated upcoming agenda items, current and future initiatives, and a general timeline for action items on current issues. These reports give a comprehensive look at the most timely issues under Town Council review.

April 2022 Chair Report

Past Chair Reports

February 2021 Chair Report

January 2021 Chair Report 

November 2020 Chair Report