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Council Outlook

2022 Council Goals

In January of each year, Town Councils holds a goals workshop to develop their priority initiatives for the year ahead. Their goals for 2022 are as follows:

1)  Advance long-term facilities planning; prioritizing a Community Center/Pool/Hub and partnering with the Board of Education on school facility needs.

2)  Leverage the town-wide community survey to identify actionable improvements with continued public engagement and communication.

3)  Take action to improve housing affordability.

4)  Update/modernize Impact Fees.

5)  Continued Fiscal Health and Sustainability:

  • <  3% mil rate increase; 
  • < 5% gross budget increase;
  • < 15% debt service as a % of operating budget
  • Optimize utilization of Tax Increment Financing Districts 

6)  Review Charter Committee recommendations and approve revisions to be included on the November 2022 Ballot.

Town Council Corner

As the Town Council discusses relevant issues in Scarborough, learn more about their perspective and how you can join the conversation. Council Corner articles serve as a way for councilors to educate and expand upon these topics outside of the meeting setting. They often encourage public participation through sharing links to recent or upcoming meetings and inviting public comment. The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Scarborough Town Council.

By Jon Anderson, Town Councilor

On July 13th, the Council held a workshop to review the draft terms of a GMO exemption for The Downs. The Town Manager, in consultation with Council Chair and Vice Chair, was charged to negotiate with the Downs to establish mutually agreeable terms that could allow for an exemption to the Growth Management Ordinance (GMO). This has become more complicated than it needs to be. Residents want a slower pace of growth. There has been nothing tangible offered that would convince me that a faster pace of growth is in the best interest of the general welfare of the residents. I love the idea of a vibrant “town center”, but given the feedback from the community and the risk to the Town, I’m not convinced the tradeoff is there to justify an exemption. I’m ready to vote no.

By Ken Johnson, Town Councilor

The Town Council is in its first exemption review process since adopting an updated Growth Management Ordinance (GMO) in 2021. The Downs has requested an exemption to gain additional permits over and above the annual allocation, and the process is front and center for the council over the next couple of months. As Councilor, I hear two opposing views—that of the residents concerned about the amount of growth, and that of the developer who has the understanding that all had agreed to the number of new homes. How do I find a balance in these two opposing views?

By Nick McGee, Town Councilor

One of my priorities during the recent special election campaign was to help with long-term planning for the many upcoming local projects and fiscal challenges a growing community like Scarborough will be facing over the next decade. I'm happy to report that the Town Council has started this work and WE, the people, have the opportunity to make this type of planning part of our Town Charter.  

By Jon Anderson, Town Councilor

There are many facilities needs being actively discussed right now in Town. The Council will have a workshop in July highlighting all the major facilities projects so the community can have a good baseline of the facility investment needs in the near term.  

By April Sither, Town Councilor

if you are anything like me, the world feels very heavy lately. So heavy that I’m not confident many have the bandwidth right now to read even the most enthralling summary of our municipal budget. I will use my space to highlight some of the things I have seen around our community recently that have lifted my spirits…maybe if I am clever I can find a way to tie them back to the budget. 

Council Chair Reports

Every few months, the Town Council Chair provides a full update to councilors on anticipated upcoming agenda items, current and future initiatives, and a general timeline for action items on current issues. These reports give a comprehensive look at the most timely issues under Town Council review.

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