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Community Center

The Town of Scarborough is continuing to take steps toward meeting the ongoing community interest for a community center. The interest is in a multi-generational community center that would meet the recreational and cultural needs of all demographics of the Town. It has previously been explored and has most recently been a central theme of community conversations related to the update to the Comprehensive Plan, Community Survey, and Parks & Facilities Master Plan.


Ad Hoc Community Center Advisory Committee (2019)

The Town developed an Ad Hoc Community Center Advisory Committee that met throughout 2019. At the time, the committee was reviewing and analyzing the potential for a public/private partnership on the construction of a community center. Learn more about their work here.

Comprehensive Plan (2021)

The Town Council adopted the 2021 Comprehensive Plan on June 30, 2021. The Plan includes recommendations to plan for a Scarborough Community Center, as outlined under Vision 2: "Future land use patterns will create opportunities for the efficient delivery of municipal services and infrastructure, resulting in fiscal sustainability." (Page 160). Learn more about the Comprehensive Plan here.

Townwide Community Survey (2021)

Scarborough conducted a community survey for residents in Fall 2021. The survey was statistically valid, conducted by survey consultant ETC Institute. In the survey, residents were asked how supportive they would be for potential capital improvement projects. Sixty-nine percent (69.1%) were very supportive/supportive or a project for the community center. Over half (54.1%) chose the community center project as one of the top two choices as being a high priority for investment. (Findings Report, Page 12, 46-47). Learn more about the 2021 community survey here.

FY2023 Budget: Community Center Design (2022-23)

The Town Council has authorized funding to engage in a community Center feasibility study and design process. The FY2023 budget sought funding for a Community Center Design ($100,000). The aim was to procure design and feasibility services from a qualified firm to aid in the development of the proposed Community Center. It would include recommended layouts, based on previous work completed by the Community Center Committee, as well as renderings to aid in community buy-in. This firm would also be expected to create a pre-construction estimate and annual operating budget based on design and project timeline, which should incorporate the public process.

Parks & Facilities Master Plan Findings (2023)

The Town of Scarborough conducted a comprehensive parks and facilities master plan with consultant BerryDunn. The process allows for meaningful future park and recreation facility improvements that yield higher levels of performance and increased enjoyment for all user groups. As part of this process, they conducted a public outreach and needs assessment process to identify and prioritize community needs. Based on information gathered in this study, the community expressed desire for a new Community Center to include aquatics. Learn more about the Parks & Facilities Master Plan here.

FY2024 Budget: Community Recreation Center Land Purchase Funding (2023-24)

The FY2024 includes a $500,000 strategic capital funding request for land for a future community center. The designated funding would support the work of the Community Center Ad-Hoc Committee in their charge to develop a Community Recreation Center for the Town. Learn more about the FY2024 budget here.

2023 Ad Hoc Community Center Committee

The Town Council seeks to further explore the opportunity for a community center by drawing on the human capital and expertise in the community to study, evaluate, and analyze relevant opportunities in full. The Town of Scarborough is seeking resident volunteers to join an Ad Hoc Community Center Committee, which will begin meeting in Summer 2023.

Charge for Ad Hoc Community Center (Order No. 23-030)


The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to draw upon the Comprehensive Plan, the Community Survey, Parks & Facilities Master Plan, the needs and wishes of Scarborough residents, and to assemble a group of committee members with collective skills and expertise as committee members to work with the Town staff, Town Council, consultants, and other resources as required to advise and make recommendations to the Town Council during the feasibility study and design process for a community center.


Space Needs Analysis – Identification of desired programs and offerings and a complete evaluation of amenities to maximize community value that considers existing needs as well as some accommodation for future growth.

Site Selection – Assist in a site selection process in coordination with the consultant and staff. The process will consider all reasonable options for locating the facility, including public and private property, with preference to properties eligible for use of TIF revenues (learn more about Scarborough TIF districts).

Schematic Design – Prepare a conceptual design, including a lot layout and building evaluations, that will provide sufficient detail to describe the facility.

Probable Cost Statement – Prepare a probable cost estimate of the proposed facility with sufficient detail to forward to the voters for consideration.

Operational Analysis – Work with Town staff and consultants on an Operational Analysis to consider future staff needs to support the facility, as well as User Fees to offset operational costs.


The membership will include a full and fair representation of stakeholders and expertise. Individuals should possess specific expertise and prior experience, including professions in recreation/community services, business/financial analysis, community engagement, and design/construction.

The committee will be comprised of nine (9) voting members as follows:

  • Three (3) members from the 2018 Ad Hoc Community Center Advisory Committee 
  • Two (2) members from the Community Services Advisory Board
  • Four (4) residents at-large

There will additionally be four non-voting committee members who will participate in aspects of the committee's work, with the exception of formal voting. These will be:

  • Two (2) members of the Town Council
  • One (1) member representing the Scarborough Public Library
  • One (1) member of the Board of Education

Complete the Ad Hoc Community Center Committee Application Form to be considered. Applications will be accepted through June 7, 2023.



The Advisory Committee will set its meeting frequency at its first organization meeting.

The Town Council tentatively expects to submit a referendum question to the voters for a community center in November 2024.


2018-19 Ad Hoc Community Center Advisory Committee Meeting Materials
2021 Comprehensive Plan
2021 Community Survey Findings Report
Parks & Facilities Master Plan
"The Time is Now" Council Corner Article by Karin Shupe (April 15, 2023)
Charge for Ad Hoc Community Center (Order No. 23-030)

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