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Municipal Budget

A Budget for Our Community

Last Fall 2021, the Town Council looked to residents for input in a community wide survey to assess the overall satisfaction with development and municipal services, and to provide a sense of direction on priorities that Town leadership should focus on in the years ahead. The community expressed opportunities for improvement among key issues facing our town, and Town leadership is using this as a guide to structure next steps on issues.

Learn more and read the full proposed budget document on our Budget Portal.

Increased Police Visibility

Police Chief Holmquist discusses how the Scarborough Police Department is addressing public concerns around police visibility in neighborhood and other areas of town. This includes two new staff positions and initiatives such as driving in cruise light mode.

Improved Sidewalk Maintenance

Stephen Buckley is our Public Works Deputy Director. Through the course of the pandemic, the department heard from residents about the condition of sidewalks around town and the desire for improved maintenance. Here Stephen shares with us their budget request for a new sidewalk machine to help with winter and spring cleanup of the most heavily used sidewalks in Scarborough.

Enhanced Bike & Pedestrian Roadway Improvements

Angela Blanchette, Scarborough Town Engineer, explains two road construction projects planned in the year ahead and corresponding bike and pedestrian improvements proposed as part of the scope of work. Both Spurwink Ave (from the Ocean Ave intersection to the Cape Elizabeth town line) and a one-mile stretch of Highland Ave are anticipated to see improved pedestrian amenities, such as bike lanes and sidewalks. 

Learn more and access the full proposed budget document on our Budget Portal.

Departmental budget opportunity video highlights will continue to be added.

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