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Piping Plover Volunteers

Plovers will soon be spotted on our beaches – it's a sure sign that spring is here! Piping plovers are an endangered shore bird that are protected by both State and Federal laws. In the spring and summer months, Scarborough’s beaches are home to several pairs of endangered piping plovers. In fact, the piping plover is our official town bird!

Scarborough has prime Piping Plover habitat. They love to lay their eggs in our soft sand and raise their chicks on our beaches. During the nesting season (roughly April – August), it’s essential that beachgoers know to steer clear of plover nests. That’s where our volunteers come in—learn more about how you can help protect the birds and their habitat this summer.

Be a Beach Volunteer

Each summer, volunteers visit our beaches to educate beachgoers about the birds and to keep an eye on their nests. If you’re interested in helping the Town with our protection efforts, sign up to volunteer as a Beach Monitor!

Volunteer Signup

Spend a couple hours each week walking our beaches, talking with visitors, and monitoring plover nesting areas. We're looking for a regular, weekly commitment, but we also know summer in Maine is precious. You can still volunteer even if you know you will only be able to help periodically or if there are weeks when you are unavailable. All volunteers must:

  • Be willing to talk and interact with the public
  • Attend an annual volunteer training and orientation
  • Educate beachgoers about plovers and beach rules meant to keep the birds safe
  • Track volunteer time and complete written observation forms 

Fill out our volunteer form to be a Beach Monitor.

If you have any questions about becoming a Volunteer Beach Monitor, please contact Jami Fitch, Sustainability Coordinator, at or 207.730.4035. 

Learn more about piping plovers within the Sustainability initiatives area of our website.