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Spurwink Road Improvement Project

The Town of Scarborough is underway on a Spurwink Road Traffic & Pedestrian Improvement project. The project spans two miles, from Ocean Avenue to the Spurwink River (Cape Elizabeth town line).

The scope of this project includes a road realignment, and the addition and improvement of pedestrian and bicycle amenities. It will also address the dangerous curves and intersections to the greatest extent possible, as well as improve road surface and drainage issues.

The need for these improvements was identified in a 2005 Transportation Study.


Project Process

Planning & Design

Planning and design began in August 2021 with a series of surveys to identify the existing Right of Way (ROW) along Spurwink Road. It involved a combination of survey work on the ground and by drone. The preliminary design was completed in Spring 2022. 

Phase I

Utilizing the information gleaned from the Planning & Design phase, Phase I of project construction is slated to begin in late 2023. It will begin at the Ocean Ave end of the road section and will extend approximately halfway to the Cape Elizabeth line (approximately one mile).

Phase II

Phase II will complete the remainder of the road section/project from the halfway point to the Cape Elizabeth town line.

Project Timeline

2023 Schedule

September-November 2023: Road work is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, September 5, 2023. This initial phase will take place from Pleasant Hill Road to Ocean Avenue. Road construction will create traffic delays, so please plan accordingly and take an alternate route whenever possible. The anticipated completion date of this first phase is mid-November 2023.

August 2021: Planning and design work begins. A series of surveys are conducted on Spurwink Road to identify existing Right of Ways (ROW).

January 2022: Public Works is halfway through the planning, survey, and design phase of the project.

April 2022: Construction funding is requested as part of the Fiscal Year 2023 budget process.

Spring 2022: Preliminary design completed.

June 2022: A public meeting was held on June 29 to share project updates and receive resident feedback.

Public Meeting

An initial public meeting to review the planning and design phase was held on Wednesday, June 29. There were over 55 residents in attendance to hear the presentation, review plans, ask questions, and share their input. Watch the recording:


Preliminary Design Drawings

Spurwink Road Improvement Project Presentation - Presented at 6/29/2022 public meeting

Staff Contact

Stephen Buckley, Public Works Deputy Director
(207) 730-4400