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Townwide Community Survey

Fall 2023 Survey

The Town of Scarborough is launching a town-wide community survey to seek feedback from residents. The survey covers questions regarding satisfaction with town services and the direction the community is headed.

Survey results

Statistically Valid Mailed Survey

View the Findings Report for the Town of Scarborough 2023 Community Survey. The Findings Report is 142 pages and was put together by our survey consultant, ETC Institute, to share the results of the statistically valid mailed survey. The data is a reflection of 608 residents who completed the survey. According to ETC Institute, the overall response has a precision of at least +/- 4.0% at the 95% level of confidence.

The report provides the following:

  • Executive Summary (Purpose, Methodology, Major Findings, Benchmarking Analysis, Priorities)
  • Overall Results (Charts & Graphs)
  • Benchmark Analysis (Regionally & Nationally)
  • Importance-Satisfaction Analysis
  • Tabular Data
  • Survey Instrument (Sample survey)

View Findings Report

Survey Results - Mapped by Geographic Area

The maps in the report below show the mean ratings for several satisfaction questions on the survey by Census Block Group. If all areas on a map are the same color, then residents generally feel the same about that issue regardless of the location of their home. 

View mapped results

Findings Report Presentation

Survey consultant ETC Institute presented the findings from the statistically valid survey during a Town Council Workshop on January 3, 2024. View the presentation below.

Online Survey - General Public

An online survey was open to all residents who did not receive a mailed survey to provide their input (online survey closed on December 22). This data is not considered statistically valid and is tabulated separate from the mailed survey responses. Because these results are not included in the statistically valid survey, they are presented as raw data only.

View Results

Results Dashboard

View the results of the statistically valid survey represented through an interactive dashboard. Within the dashboard, choose demographic filter(s) to apply to responses (i.e. age, gender, ethnicity) to separate responses. Responses can also be viewed on a map by area of Scarborough. Toggle between the two survey years (2021, 2023) on the bottom right to compare results.


2023 Timeline 

July-September: Survey Review in Town Council Communications Committee
Late October: Survey mailed to random sample of households
Late November: Open online survey launches
December: Online survey open for first three weeks of the month (Closes December 22)
Late December: Results compiled and analyzed by survey vendor
Early January: Findings Report presented to Town Council

Actual dates are subject to change


The last survey was conducted in 2021 (see details below). Before the 2021 survey, it had been eleven years since a similar type of community survey had been administered. The Town now seeks to more regularly survey the community every couple of years or so as a way to benchmark levels of satisfaction over time. The data also helps inform elected and appointed leaders of the objective sentiments of the community. It has been a critical tool for guiding Town Council goals and prioritizing community investments.


The survey is administered through a third-party vendor, ETC Institute, to ensure validity and to maintain anonymity. Their goal is to obtain a minimum of 600 completed surveys in order to be considered statistically valid. After being compiled and analyzed, survey results will be presented to the Town Council and a comprehensive report will be made available on the Town’s website. The Town of Scarborough expects to receive final results of the survey by the end of the year in order to help inform council goals for 2024. Additionally, the survey company will prepare digital maps displaying the results of specific questions on the survey by geography to show how well the Town is delivering services to various parts of the town. (Addresses of survey respondents are geocoded to the block latitude and longitude coordinates to ensure the exact location of a respondent’s household remains anonymous). See the 2021 maps below.

Online Survey

While the survey will be mailed to a random sample of households in order to be statistically valid, the Town of Scarborough wants to hear from any resident who would like to offer feedback. Once the target for completed mailed surveys has been met, an online version of the survey will be made available to anyone who has not received the mailed version. This is to avoid duplicates and retain accuracy. 

For any questions regarding the survey, please contact Liam Gallagher, Assistant Town Manager, at (207) 730-4026.

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