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Ceremony & Dedication Held for New Fire Ladder Truck

Ceremony & Dedication Held for New Fire Ladder Truck

By Rich C. Kindelan, Fire Chief

Scarborough Fire Department officially welcomed our new ladder truck on August 3, 2022 with a traditional “Push-In” Ceremony at the Dunstan Fire Station.

The Town’s newest aerial ladder truck was approved by Town Council and the voters through referendum last Fall. The new truck, a 2022 Pierce Enforcer 107’ Ascendant ladder, arrived on July 8 and is the product of over two years of intense design and planning by our dedicated Fire Apparatus Committee. As the new fire chief, I was fortunate to inherit a well-established apparatus replacement plan that was established back in the 1940s.

The new ladder truck replaces our former 1999 E-One aerial ladder that served our community for over 23 years. At the end of its career in Scarborough, the former ladder had accrued over 130K miles and 11K hours of service. It was sold to the City of Brockton, Massachusetts, where they will use it as a spare ladder truck in their city.

We are pleased to have a truck that has so many new safety features incorporated within its design. Anti-lock braking systems, driver and passenger restraints system, along with front and side airbags, and anti-roll features are updated components of the new truck that were not available 23 years ago. The aerial ladder itself is also managed by technology that will protect our firefighters as they set and climb as high as 107 feet in the air.

Part of the ceremony was an official dedication to our long-time fire department member Captain Bruce Bell. Capt. Bell has been a member of the Scarborough Fire Department since 1958. During his time with our department, he rose through the ranks, achieving the rank of Captain of Engine 6/Ladder 1.

After stepping back from being the Dunstan house Captain, Bell served as one of our safety officers, specializing in driver training and Maine Bureau of Labor compliance. Captain Bell was a staunch advocate for training and aggressive firefighter tactics. Captain Bell has been a longstanding apparatus replacement committee member going all the way back, prior to 1982. His input and forethought can be identified on every current piece of fire apparatus and it is possible that he has been part of replacing some trucks multiple times.

When not giving his spare time to our fire department, Bell worked for the City of Portland Public Works department and retired as Deputy Director. During his time in Portland, he was responsible for procuring all vehicles for the city and most notably was in charge of building Hadlock Field, the home of our Portland Sea Dogs. Most recently, Bruce was a very active member of the ad-hoc Scarborough Public Safety Building committee for our new facility.

For over 64 years of service and too many reasons to list here, the apparatus replacement committee unanimously moved to dedicate a traditional chrome bell on the front of our new ladder truck, to Captain Bruce Bell. This chrome bell will serve as a bright reminder of the dedication and passion Captain Bell brought to our organization. The Town of Scarborough and the Fire Department are extremely grateful for the service of Captain Bell.

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