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What's in Store for 2024

What's in Store for 2024


The Assessing department will be conducting a town-wide property revaluation this spring. A revaluation is the process of updating all property values in town to reflect their current market value (i.e., to maintain reasonable estimates of what each property could sell for on the open market). The primary purpose is to create equitable distribution of the tax burden in order to ensure fairness to all property owners within town.

Learn more: The Town Assessor presented about the upcoming revaluation to the Town Council on Wednesday, January 17 (view workshop). FAQ page here.

Transportation Network Study

The Town is currently working with a consultant to develop a Transportation Network Study. The study will look at broad categories within Scarborough's transportation system with a goal to provide direction and focus for the Town's future capital spending related to traffic and transportation needs. The Town's transportation committee facilitated an open house last September and will continue to serve in an advisory capacity through draft review this spring.

Learn more: A first draft is expected to be available to the public this spring. Stay tuned!

Municipal Budget

The municipal budget is presented, reviewed, and approved by the Town Council each spring from March-June. The school budget process follows a similar timeline, starting earlier in March and concluding with voter approval in the June election. The FY2025 aims to address ways of sustaining the quality of Scarborough and will be largely driven by council goals, addressing concerns expressed in the community survey results, and meeting the demands of a competitive labor market.

Learn more: The proposed municipal budget will be presented by the Town Manager at the end of March.

Community Center Planning

The Town is continuing to take steps toward meeting the ongoing community interest for a community center. The interest is in a multi-generational community center that would meet the recreational and cultural needs of all demographics of the Town. An ad hoc community center advisory committee was formed in late summer 2023 and is working to produce a concept on a community center plan.

Learn more: Find the background and access committee meeting minutes/agendas here.

Open Space Plan

An Open Space Plan was approved in the FY2024 budget to identify locations for small and large open space areas for parks, trail connections, or other conservation opportunities. Its purpose is also to aid the Town in its 30x30 goal. The plan is currently out for a Request for Qualifications and the Town hopes to have a consultant selected in February. The process will be advised by a newly formed ad hoc open space committee, with members being approved at the next council meeting. The process is anticipated to take around nine months.

Learn more: More on the Open Space Plan will ramp up in the spring. Stay tuned!

Vulnerability Assessment

The Town is in a final selection process for a Vulnerability Assessment consultant this month. The assessment is part of a climate action and adaptation plan. It will identify areas and infrastructure that are most susceptible to damage from sea level rise, helping prioritize where investments are needed. Once a consultant is selected, the process will kick off in February and is expected to go through June 2025. Work will be supported by a steering committee made up of representatives from relevant advisory committees and residents of areas of town most vulnerable to climate change impacts (Higgins, Pine Point).

Learn more: More on the Vulnerability Assessment will ramp up in the spring. Stay tuned!

Red Brook Watershed Management Plan

The Red Brook Watershed Management Plan was approved in the FY2024 budget and will support the Council's goal related to sustainability, conservation, and climate change. Red Brook is listed as an Urban Impaired Stream by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. One of the increased requirements for the Town's stormwater discharge permit is to amend the 2011 Red Brook Watershed Management Plan. The amended plan will identify projects and initiatives to improve the stream's water quality and continue to restore the stream.

Learn more: More to come this year.

K-8 School Solution

After the school project was unsuccessful in the November polls, the Board of Education is reconvening to advance work toward addressing Scarborough's K-8 school challenges.

Learn more: Attend Council Corner Live on Thursday, January 25 to be part of an experimental session to design your own school solution. Reach out to the School Board to see how you can be involved in its next phase of a School Building Committee (project info website).

New & Continued Town Council Goals

The Town Council set an ambitious agenda of goals for 2023, with key themes ranging from financial management, to residential growth management, traffic & transportation, and more. 2024 is expected to serve as a continuation of these efforts, which are largely ongoing and will take time to see through.

Learn more: There is a Town Council Workshop on January 27 at 9:00 to discuss goal-setting for 2024. The public workshop is in-person only (in Council Chambers), and outcomes will be shared.

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